Why Manage Your Data?

Properly caring for your research data is essential, not only as a mechanism to facilitate your own research, but also because thoughtful and planned data management, as well as data archiving, is increasingly required by research institutions, funding agencies, and academic publishers.

Manage your data; don't let it manage you.

Reasons for managing, preserving, and sharing your data include:

  • Your funding agency may require that you manage and share your data. Some may require that you archive your research data in a repository for long-term preservation and access.
  • Your grant proposal will be more competitive if you can demonstrate that you manage, preserve, and share your data.
  • Making your data available to others ensures that your research is truly reproducible.
  • Managing your research data saves you time because it ensures that you and others in your collaboration will be able to find, understand, and use the data.
  • When you manage your data throughout the life of your research, the data can be more readily shared and reused by others.
  • Sharing your research data enables wider dissemination of your work.
  • Your article may be cited more often if the data underlying the article are freely accessible.
  • By sharing your data you are supporting Open Access and helping to foster the creation of new knowledge, by allowing others to freely use and build upon your work.
  • If you properly care for your original and unique research data, they can be used as a teaching resource, enriching your instruction and preparing your students to be world class researchers.
  • Enabling others to use your data reinforces open scientific inquiry and can lead to new and unanticipated discoveries.

Want a quick, easy-to-digest guide on how to best care for your data? Try these 10 Simple Rules for the Care and Feeding of Scientific Data

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